About us

The Faraway Nearby (TFN) is a dialogue project that explores various ways the dialogue process unfolds among Asian women artists, fostering feelings of empathy and solidarity. TFN believes that great women artists have always existed everywhere and at all times.

About the Program

In Dialogue is the heart of TFN. In 2024, we will initiate a dialogue with the theme Intersectional Threads: Mapping Asian Women Artists’ Position. This dialogue will explore the diverse experiences and perspectives of Asian women artists, offering a platform for their voices and stories.

In Response to our artists dialogues, we have asked our community members to share their reflections on each weeks conversation. These contributions will extend the discourse, providing a richer and more comprehensive understanding of the themes discussed.

Monthly Gathering is a small community meeting of Asian Women Artists. Taking place on the last Saturday of every month, this gathering aims to unite TFN's participating artists and those interested in the project. The objective is to facilitate information exchange, mutual support, and networking among Asian women artists in New York and beyond.


Yasi Alipour : Kyoung eun Kang
Chang Sujung : Seung-Min Lee
Bonam Kim : Lu Zhang
Kyounglim Lee : Jahyun Seo

Lipika Bhargava : Naho Taruishi
Jamie Ho : Junli Song
sooim lee : Xinyi Liu
Kazumi Tanaka : Jayoung Yoon


Jiyeon Paik, Founder & Curator 
Archtechtonic, Exhibition Designer
Jean Chung, Social Media Manager


The Faraway Nearby is fiscally sponsored by the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).

NYFA Fiscal Sponsorship is a program that enables emerging art organizations and project to access funding through charitable donations and grants using NYFA’s 501c3 status. NYFA was established in 1971. It serves individual artists and the arts community throughout the United States and internationally.

TFN’s success is made possible by the generous support of our donors. Gifts of any size can directly help Asian women artists to create their arts and stories.

NYFA has made online giving easy and tax deductible. 

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